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Zaki Nassif Music Program

The Zaki Nassif Music Program seeks to preserve and promote the musical heritage of Zaki Nassif and to strengthen music education and programs at AUB. It organizes school competitions, concerts, and seminars to encourage greater knowledge and appreciation of Lebanese oriental music. The program has archived more than 1,000 of Zaki Nassif’s music scores that were part of a donation from the composer’s family to AUB that granted the University legal title and intellectual property rights. Read more.


Salma Dannawi Oueida
Associate Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations


Meet a Volunteer

AUB English Professor Sausan Maktabi says she is not a natural fundraiser but she was persuaded to put her doubts aside when asked to help the Zaki Nassif Music Program.  The notion of reintroducing music programs into AUB was enough to convince her.  “This is part of our heritage,” she explains, “and it is important that today’s youngsters are exposed to it”.  The Committee organizes a variety of fund-raising concerts, as well as others that are free.  “Culture is harder to sell than social or health issues,” Sausan says, “but it is vital that we save our musical heritage in the way that the Nassif archive has been preserved in the Jafet Library.”  As difficult as the task is, the Nassif Program also hopes to help commemorate other important Lebanese musicians.  “There is a lot of satisfaction from supporting something rare like this”, Sausan says, “even if is tough to convince people of its value.”  Calling all music lovers – isn’t it time to prove Sausan wrong?

Zaki Nassif Music Program Committee
Zaki Nassif Music Program Committee

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