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  • February - April​ 2017

  • December 2016 - January 2017

  • October - Novemeber 2016

  • Newsletter No.31 - August - December 2015

    Solid Waste in Lebanon: Looking for Solutions ||| Human Development and the Arab Spring - Five Years On ||| Urban Inequalities and Poverty in Lebanon: What can be learned from the Social Market Economy? ||| To Paris with Climate Change: Lebanon at COP21 ||| Photography and Oral History ||| Lebanon Economic Monitor Fall 2015: The Great Capture ||| What Are the Solutions to the Current Waste Crisis Management in Lebanon? ||| Syrian Refugees in the West: A Conversation with Ambassadors of the EU Delegation, Germany, Greece, Italy and Canada, and a Senior UNHCR Representative ||| Islamic State: Why is it the most dangerous phenomenon in the region and what are the challenges to beating it? |||

  • Newsletter No.30 - May - July 2015

    Call for Papers – Labor and Social Justice ||| The Way Forward to Safeguard Water in Lebanon: Report Launch ||| Communism, Radicalism, and Social Justice in the Eastern Mediterranean ||| Challenges to Financing Middle-Income Countries Facing Crises ||| Social Policy and the “Arab Spring” ||| The End of Development and Beginning of History: prospects for thinking, practice and justice in the Middle East ||| Why Yemen’s UN-Mediated Political Transition Failed: A look into the current war and post-uprising Yemen ||| Egypt's Moment of Truth: Challenges and opportunities confronting socio-political actors ||| Training on Water Integrity for the Lebanese Civil Society ||| The Arduous Process of Transition in the Arab World ||| The Issam Fares Institute and AUB commemorate Al Nakba

  • Newsletter No.29 - February - April 2015

    Call for Papers – Arab Revolutions ||| Former President Sleiman Speaks at IFI - Pushes for Change ||| Food Security in Arab Countries: Challenges and Prospects ||| Re(making) Libya: Four Years after the Revolution ||| The Yemeni Conflicts: Its Causes and the Road Ahead ||| A Quarter Century after the End of the Civil War: Did We Turn a New Page? ||| Economics of Climate Change: The Cost of Doing Nothing ||| Syria and the Responsibility to Protect Refugees ||| The Geopolitics of Iran’s Nuclear Program ||| The State of Palestine and the International Criminal Court: After the Signing and Ratification of the Treaty of Rome ||| China's "Going Out": Transnational Intersections of Food, Energy and Urban Development ||| Implications of Widening Access to Higher Education in the Arab World: Implementing a Holistic Lifelong Learning Policy ||| The Impact of the Syrian Crisis on Neighboring Countries ||| What is Arab and Middle Eastern in a Philosophy of Nonviolence?

  • Newsletter No.28 - November 2014 - January 2015
    IFI Part of the Official Lebanese Delegation to Climate Change Negotiations ||| Holding Israel Accountable ||| Welfare and Sectarianism in Lebanon ||| The Pragmatic Realities of the Islamic State ||| Policy Research Institutes and Foundations ||| The Art of Diplomacy in the 21st Century ||| Bridging the Gap Between Research and Policy ||| The Faltering of Transition in Libya ||| UNRWA and Palestinian Refugees ||| Why Does Social Policy Matter for Lebanon and the Wider MENA Region? ||| The Experience of an Environmental Policy-Maker ||| Whose Dalieh? A Discussion on the Concept of Property, Laws and the Ecology of the Dalieh Area ||| Palestinian Neoliberalism and the Regional Context ||| Towards a Roadmap for Sustainable Cities in the MENA Region

  • Newsletter No.27 - August - October 2014
    Dr. Tarek Mitri - New IFI Director ||| Filippo Grandi - New IFI Senior Fellow ||| Water Management in Lebanon ||| Palestinian Oral History Archive ||| Inclusive Multilateralism in the Arab World ||| The Neopatrimonial State & the Arab Spring ||| Israel's PR Campaign in the US ||| Publications Strategy Workshop

  • Newsletter No.26 - May - July 2014 - Special Edition
    IFI moves into its New Home ||| Climate Change and Transportation ||| Impact of Syrian Refugee Crisis in Lebanon ||| Social Justice: Use and Misuse of Public Space ||| Changing Order and Disorder in the Region ||| UN & Human Rights ||| Syria Chemical Weapons ||| Indian Views on the Region ||| Human Rights in the Arab World ||| Role and Impact of Arab Think Tanks ||| IFI Open House ||| Michael Fares Visits IFI ||| Humanitarian Action ||| Syrian Civil Society before the Revolution ||| Hip-Hop and Global Culture

  • Newsletter No.25 - April 2014
    Inauguration of IFI Building ||| University-based Research Institutes: Experiences and Interactions with Policy-making ||| Population Growth and Climate Change in Egypt and Lebanon ||| Violence, Torture and Cinema: From the Middle East to Latin America and Back ||| Regional Conference on Tax Policies and Social Justice

  • Newsletter No.24 - March 2014
    Bridging Research and Policy: Syrians in Their Neighborhood Symposium ||| Crossroads of Crisis – Yarmouk, Syria and the Predicament of Palestine Refugees ||| The Youth, the Economy and Social Justice in the Arab Region ||| IIFI Funds Research on Sustainable Transportation in the Arab World

  • Newsletter No.23 - February 2014
    Teacher Quality: A Challenge Jeopardizing the Education System in Lebanon ||| Nexus Approach to Policy Planning ||| Social Justice and Development Policy in the Arab World – Launch of Research Initiative ||| IFI Participates in an AUB Syrian Refugee Relief Initiative

  • Newsletter No.22 - December 2013/January 2014
    Scahill Exposes America’s Dirty Wars ||| Differentiating Between Revolutions and Transformations ||| IFI Brings Together Policy-makers, Civil Society and Arab Youth in Dubai ||| Remembering Oslo in Cyprus ||| Food Security in Lebanon and Egypt: Linkages Between Population, Climate and Water

  • Newsletter No.21 - November  2013
    United Nations Special Coordinator for Lebanon Derek Plumbly Touts Resolution 1701 as a Success |||“The Treacherous Path for a New Arab Social Contract” ||| IFI Participates in the World Water Week ||| Is Domestic Violence a Family Matter? ||| India’s Iran Policy: Between U.S. Primacy and Regionalism

  • Newsletter No.20 - October  2013
    IFI inaugural Diplomat in Residence, Working Paper #18 Global Powers, BRICS Compete for Influence in the Middle East ||| Global Powers, Regional Powers and the War in Syria ||| CAPRI's Fourth Technical Workshop Summary Report: Knowledge Translation: Bridging the Gap between Research and Policy ||| Arabic Publication Launch "The civil state"

  • Newsletter No.19 - August - September  2013
    Economic adaptation to Climate Change ||| National Youth Policy – Lebanon’s pioneering experience ||| Research Report by IFI Senior Public Policy Fellow: Arab States and UN Human Rights ||| “Why Nations Fail?” Book Launch Event

  • Newsletter No.18 - June - July  2013
    Research project by former AUB President Professor John Waterbury The Future of Flagship Universities in the Arab World ||| IFI research by Rita Sakr “Irish Peacekeeping in Lebanon: A Historical, Political, and Socio-Cultural Study” ||| IFI co-hosts policy-making workshop in parliament ||| IFI scholar Lori Allen explores Palestine’s international commissions ||| IFI hosts a delegation from the U.K. Royal College of Defense Studies

  • Newsletter No.17 - May 2013
    Richard Falk on The United Nations: After the Iraq War and the Arab Awakening ||| IFI, National University of Singapore colloquium on "Rising Asia Meets a Turbulent Middle East" ||| IFI attends Bonn Climate Change negotiations ||| “Headscarf Controversy Goes Global”

  • Newsletter No.16 - April 2013
    Palestinian popular committees project completed ||| IFI Researches Policy-making in Higher Education Quality ||| Youth Workshop to research "dignity" ||| Arab Policy Roundtable explores the "civil state"

  • Newsletter No.15 - March 2013
    Jerusalem Discourse and Future Challenges||| IFI workshop explores “knowledge translation” ||| AUB Arab Uprisings Lecture Series ||| Will Lebanon transit to a fully-fledged democracy? Economic and Political Perspectives

  • Newsletter No.14 - February 2013
    IFI launches the AUB Youth Research Working Group ||| IFI Disseminates First Case Study of Public Policy-making ||| Diesel Generators in Beirut cause cancer? ||| Lawfare and Armed Conflict: Comparing Israeli and US Targeted Killing Policies

  • Newsletter No.13 - January 2013
    Who or What Drives Climate Change Policy in the Arab world? ||| IFI launches its Arab youth study in Washington ||| IFI New Building Nears Completion ||| The Changing Regional Landscape ||| Right to Work for Palestinians in Lebanon

  • Newsletter No.12 - October 2011
    Lebanese delegation to the UN call in IFI's resident expert ||| IFI attends the UN Convention of Cluster Munitions in Beirut ||| Research in Focus - RAPP: A Case Study on Lebanon's National Strategy for Forest Fire Management

  • Newsletter No.11 - September 2011
    IFI official observer to world summit negotiations ||| Visiting scholar talks Arab awakening with AUB Provost and Faculty ||| Research in Focus: Assessing Climate Change Adaptation in the Arab World

  • Newsletter No.10 - August 2011
    Governance Research-to-Practice links for Camps in Lebanon ||| A Revolutionary's Perspective from Tahrir Square ||| Research in Focus - IFI Working Paper: Europe's Lopsided Foreign Policy: Israel, Lebanon and the Palestinians

  • Newsletter No.9 - June 2011
    IFI in AUB Arab Spring lectures in US ||| Researchers question the role of peace experts in Lebanon ||| Research in Focus - IFI Working Paper: Governing Palestinian Refugee Camps in the Arab East: Governmentalities in Search of Legitimacy

  • Newsletter No.8 - May 2011
    Regional conference explores Arab youth sexuality ||| IFI hosts Senior Norwegian Delegation at AUB ||| Research in Focus: Climate Change in the Levant and North Africa

  • Newsletter No.7 - April 2011
    Beirut's only park is closed ||| Director's Policy Forum ||| Research in Focus: RAPP: Consortium of Arab Policy Research Institutes (CAPRI)

  • Newsletter No.6 - March 2011
    Changing Faces: IFI debates the Arab uprisings ||| Research in Focus: IFI Working Paper: "Is It Wrong or Illegal? Situating the Gaza Blockade between International Law and the UN Response"

  • Newsletter No.5 - February 2011
    IFI and the UNFCCC Conference of Parties negotiations ||| AUB professors consulted on IFAD's 2010 Rural Poverty Report ||| Research in Focus: IFI Working Paper: "Describing Lebanese Youth: a national and psycho-social survey"

  • Newsletter No.4 - October 2010
    Experts Propose Regional Policy Action Plan ||| Goldstone Commissioners Stress Accountability ||| New Research Challenges Lebanese Tobacco Policy ||| Research in Focus: "Policy Innovation and Diffusion in the Gulf Countries" : The cases of Abu Dhabi, Qatar, and Dubai

  • Newsletter No.3 - June 2010
    Roundtable assesses Taif Agreement after 20 years ||| AUB studies food conditions in the region ||| UN rules: why do they exist, whom do they serve? ||| Research in Focus: Attitudes towards Policies Granting Palestinian Refugees Civil Rights in Lebanon

  • Newsletter No.2 - April 2010
    Workshop Analyzes Refugee Camps Governance ||| New Report Explores Links to Security Issues ||| Bill and Sally Hambrecht lectures tap mediators' experiences ||| Research in Focus: IFI partners to study public policy-making in the region

  • Newsletter No.1 - March 2010
    IFI Inaugurates 6 Research Programs ||| IFI Presents Report to COP15 World Summit ||| IFI and UNICEF Spearhead MENA-wide Situation Analysis ||| Research in Focus: Media Habits of Middle Eastern Youth
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